Daily Journal: Wednesday January 27th, 2021

Today was a pretty good day!

Although I did not shower before class today, I still felt very productive. I only had about 20 minutes for my first day of gym class which was nice, and there’s a lot of cute boys in that class. I finished my assignment for the day without procrastinating it (Yay!) and then made myself a breakfast sandwich and hash browns for breakfast. I didn’t have classes for the rest of the day, so I got to chill out and have a lot of time to myself. I got some reading done and had some much needed unbothered me time. It was really nice.

I went into work today and my special guy friend was working with me. It was a little awkward at first because I didn’t really know how to act towards him (especially since my bosses were there). It ended up being okay at the end of the night though. He wanted me to stay after we closed but I didn’t hear him so I went home. Bummer.

When I got home all was good, then I heard my parents start to fight. They argued for a really long time, yelling at each other and saying really horrible things to each other. I had to go downstairs to eat my dinner, and the tension was so high it was unbearable. I did take my therapists advice and stay out of it though. I made it very clear to both of them that I had enough on my plate and didn’t need to be a mediator with them. It was hard to hold myself back though.

Tomorrow will be another amazing day because I will have a positive attitude!