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I’m at college now!

Wow, this has been quite the experience so far. I really like it here (or at least I think I do), but the transition has been harder than I expected. I thought I would just fit right in with no issues, but I have actually had a harder time making friends and settling in than I thought I would.

I’ve been having a hard time because my roommate has many friends from high school, and I have been having a hard time fitting in with them. Yeah, I have made other acquaintances, but there hasn’t been…

Today was better.

I went out shopping in the morning which always gives me some kind of happiness. I guess its a bad coping mechanism that I spend my money, but if it helps, it helps. I will still have enough money for college.

After I went on my own shopping trip, I went out shopping with my family. I really don’t like shopping with my family, and it was kind of painful. I did not find a dress that I liked for my graduation party, which is the most frustrating thing I am dealing with right now. I have…

It has been really really hard lately. I have tried to stay happy, but everyday feels like a burden. All I want to do is curl up in my bed and not talk to anyone, but that gets boring. I tried to quit nicotine, but I am back on it now, just a different device. It is truly crazy to me thinking that not so long ago I was so happy and full of life, and now I am just overwhelmed and stressed all the time. My room is getting messy, I have gained weight, and I am not going…

Today was a good day!

Wow, it has been a really long time since I have done these journal articles consistently. Its been about two months since I have done my last entry, and a lot has changed.

For starters, no I’m not dating the kid that I asked to prom. Absolutely not. I asked him to prom and he was so rude about it, and then I later found out that he has a girlfriend, so I dropped him immedietley. Its kind of crazy how you can be so close with someone for 2 years and then it can…

Daily Journal: Tuesday April 13, 2021

Today was a good day!

I woke up super groggy this morning which was annoying, but I still managed to get out of bed and look semi decent. I had gym this morning which is always fun because the class is great. Everyone seems to be friendly and we have a good time playing volleyball.

I had a study hall so I went to wawa and grabbed a coffee, and then I came back to school to get some work done for the rest of the period. The rest of my day was pretty…

Weekend of Friday April 9-Sunday April 11, 2021

This was a good weekend!


It was a pretty good day! I had a full day of classes which was slightly annoying but I had fun in study hall with people that I wouldn’t normally sit with.

After school I went to practice and then I went to work. Work was long and annoying, but I made it though and made a decent amount of tips.


I had a church event all day today which actually turned out really nice. …

Daily Journal: Thursday April 8, 2021

Today was a good day!

The school day was really long and rough, but I managed to make it though. I had a yummy lunch today, which I was excited about and I was wearing a really cute outfit so I felt special.

After school I went to practice which was fun because the head coach wasn’t there, and then I came home and went to the gym. I had dinner with my family and then staked outside of Pj’s for a two hours trying to help my friend get her target. The girl works there and we didn’t know when she would be getting off so it was kind of annoying but also really fun. The girl ending up coming out in spandex and a sports bra, which was incredibly annoying.

Tomorrow will be another amazing day!

Daily Journal: Wednesday April 7, 2021

Today was a good day!

I got off class at 10:15 which was really nice because I got to go home and do my own thing for a little while. My assassin came to my house twice today, but I was able to avoid it for a little while.

I went to the gym and smoothie king, and I missed my game because of an award ceremony. The ceremony was for a pretty prestigious award from the school district, and it was really nice. …

Daily Journal: Tuesday April 6, 2021

Today was a good day!

I had a full day of classes which made the day seem extra long. I scouted my senior assassin target at school, and I am going to make my kill tomorrow morning. It should be an easy one.

After school, I went home and chilled out for a little bit before I had to be at softball practice. It actually went well and I felt like I did well.

After practice, I went home and got changed and then I went to pick up Kenzie. Her assassin was waiting…

Daily Journal: Weekend of Saturday April 3-Monday April 5, 2021

This was a really good weekend!


I planned to wake up early and go see the sunrise with Kenzie, but I was just feeling too tired and that I really needed the rest, so I slept in. I worked a double which was fine because I made a lot of money.


Happy Easter! I had to work in the morning, so my family held off on doing Easter baskets. …


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